Hi, I’m Gina a Brand Communication Designer from Munich, Germany. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been creative. I knew that from the time I used make-up which I got from stepdad’s beauty company which I fondly used to draw things with. I also remember borrowing my mum’s camera to take pictures of friends or places that I love. When I travel with friends, they rely on me to take snaps and document our travels. They’d always say “Gina is doing it and we’re pretty sure it’ll be amazing!”

I also grew up with such love for the water. I enjoy going to the pool or spend holidays on the beach – and this makes me feel the happiest. Being close to the water gives me a surge of power, creativity and calmness. While on the beach, I love taking photos of the ocean view and of surfers. I’d spend hours on end on the beach and have such connection and passion that ignites my soul and my creativity. This same passion landed me my first job working as a surf photographer for Summersurf, France in 2015, and for Surfana, Netherlands in 2016-2017. 

Adventure is my thing. I try new and different things to stay creative and meet friends along the way. A wide range of knowledge about history, materials, cultures, values, travels and experiences help me create something different and unique. And to bring in some adventure to my creative flair, I joined a t-shirt competition for the music band Sportfreunde Stiller and luckily won!

Working on different projects like Stierblut (logo design), Rock’n Rosie (branding) and Unfair Athletics (product photography and color grading) were my first venture as a freelance designer. And soon after finishing my degree at the Deutsche Meister Schule für Mode | Kommunikation, I worked as a Junior Art Director for the agency Werbelounge Munich.

Early 2018, I took on another adventure and have decided to do my Bachelor of Design in New Zealand where I studied Communication Design at the Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin. This experience was a pathway towards reaching my lifelong dream to work for an international design company someday.

As a student, I have worked on various projects – collaborated with teams, planned and organized various tasks and finished my projects that I am really proud of. Through my major studio project, I realized that I would like to specialize in events and product branding, while still keeping my options open while I’m at it. 

Meanwhile I’m working as a Brand communication design at ALPINA Sports.

My design style is a mix of photography, illustration, typography and playing with overlapping layers and textures and styles (analog and digital). For me, good design is simple, clean and uncomplicated. It should be easily understood and should move people. 

So, I hope you could join me in this crazy but fun creative journey! Contact me, if you would like to know more.